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Environmental pollution control


Cutting fluid wastewater emulsion breaker JMX-36

Wastewater emulsion breaker belongs to polymer, can be emulsified oil in water, colloid flocculation separation and sedimentation; in the water at the same time can ...

84 disinfectant

84 disinfectant is a kind of chlorine disinfectant with sodium hypochlorite as the main ingredient, effectively disinfecting skin wounds, clothing, furniture, etc., to protect you ...
D2101A消泡剂 疏水性二氧化硅

D2101A defoamer

D2101A defoamer composition is hydrophobic silica. It can be used in coatings, emulsion polymerization process and foam control of adhesives, and has notable performance in ...

TOC COD remover

TOC COD remover does not contain any shielding agent or interfering agent. Removal rate: 50-80%. Measured by combustion method "HJ501 -2009". Specification: 200g / 500g ...

Air deodorizer

  • Air deodorizer / odor / formaldehyde / VOC gas remover concentrate
  • Quick response to deodorization, from the spray to the effect of about 2-3 ...

Weak acid hypochlorite disinfectant solution

  • Available in 100PPm, 200PPm and 1000PPm concentrations
  • Weak acid hypochlorite disinfectant solution
  • Colorless and transparent liquid
  • 300ML / 500g / 5kg / 20kg
  • OEM ...
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