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Rubidium Chloride-RbCl

Rubidium Chloride-RbCl

White crystalline powder, soluble in water, slightly soluble in alcohol.In the gaseous state, RbCl is a diatomic molecule with a bond length of about 2.7868 ...
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Eco friendly acid anionic fixing agent

Eco-friendly acid anionic fixing agent

Product name:Eco-friendly acid anionic fixing agent Chemical composition: anionic (sulfonate) acid fixing agent Suitable for nylon (nylon) fabric for acid dye or metal complex dye. ...
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Special Alkanol Polyether APS-8

Product name: Special alkanol polyether APS-8Chinese Name:Cationic Modified Surfactant ByluefMCA-90Product properties: Nonionic surfactants200kg/1000kgProblems related to the use of crude oil cleaners Contact Us buy product ...
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Cationic modified surfactant BvluefMCA-90

Product Name:Cationic modified surfactant BvluefMCA-90 Common alias: Penetrant, oil stripper, emulsifier, cationic surfactant Main components and chemical structure: Compound of special cationic modified and nonionic ...
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Waterborne solid acrylic resin 869

Can be used in place of BASF’s 671, Hanwha’s 1160, 909 1Kg/bag; 25Kg/bag Contact Us buy product Product features Very good gloss and wear resistance ...
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Tricyclodecanedimethanol-Product synthesis technology transfer

【1】Product name and introduction Structural formula. Chinese Name 三环【,2,6】癸烷二甲醇 English Name Tricyclo[5 .2.1.0(2,6)]decanedimethanol Dimethylotricyclodecane Molecular Formula C12H20O2 Molecular weight 196.29 Purity(%) 99.85 CAS 26896-48-0 EINECS ...
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DIY Laundry Essence

Product Alias: DIY Laundry Detergent Concentrate60g / piece;200Kg / barrel;1,000 K g / barrel Contact Us buy product Video Product features Applies to drinking water ...
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OTG-75 Anionic Surfactant

Chemical composition:sulfonated Aliphatic PolyesterSubmerization properties:CAS Number:1639-66-3EINECS No.:216-684-0200Kg / barrel, 1000Kg / plastic barrel; Contact Us buy product Product features Anionic surfactant, with a high efficiency ...
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COPS-1 Polymerized-type Surfactant

Chemical composition:1-Propanesulfonicacid,2-hydroxy-3-(2-propen-1-yloxy)-,sodiumsalt CAS Number:52556-42-0 EINECS No.:258-004-5 200Kg / barrel, 1000Kg / plastic barrel; Contact Us MSDS Product features COPS-1 is both a polymeric surfactant and ...
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EEP/PMA imported compound diluent

Animported mixed solvent, mainly composed of PMA (propylene glycol methyl ether acetate) and EEP (ethyl 3-ethoxypropionate), is a low-toxic environment-friendly solvent with medium and high ...
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Piperazine -Product synthesis technology transfer

【1】Product name and brief introduction Constitutional formula: Chinese name 哌嗪;二乙烯二胺;无水哌嗪;对二氮己环;二乙基二胺;双二甲胺; 哌吡嗪;四甲二胺;对二氮己环 English name Piperazine ;Piperazine anhydrous; Diethylene diamine;1,4-Diazacyclohexane;piperazinediium Molecular formula C4H10N2 Surface Colorless transparent needle ...
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2-hydroxybenzamide-Product Synthesis Technology Transfe

2-hydroxybenzamide-Product Synthesis Technology Transfe 【1】Product name and profile Constitutional Formula: Chinese name 邻羟基苯甲酰胺; 水杨酸酰胺;2-羟基苄胺;柳酰胺; 柳醯胺;水杨酰胺;邻羟基苯酰胺; 鄰羥苯甲醯胺;氢氯噻嗪类化合物;2-羟基苯甲酰胺 English name Salicylamide 2-hydroxybenzamide ;Cetamide;Salamide; Algamon;Benesal;Salicylamid;OHB;Acket;Samid;Cidal Molecular Formula C7H7NO2 Surface ...
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