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About dishwasher supplies and how to use them

Dishwasher consumables classification.

There are generally 4 categories.

1、Dishwashing cleaning class – dishwashing powder / dishwashing block / dishwashing gel / dishwashing liquid

This is the most important consumable for dishwashers, which is used every time you wash dishes, and is responsible for removing grease and stains and cleaning dishes. Since dishwashers cannot use traditional detergent products (too much foam), cleaning consumables are used most frequently and in the most varied types. It can be understood against the detergent used in the washing machine at home. The role of dishwashing powder is to emulsify grease stains, so that the stains are quickly peeled off the dishes to achieve a clean effect. Corresponding to laundry detergent or soap powder, bulk, large amount, single dosage mobile and flexible, more affordable, but relatively single function, mainly cleaning.

Dishwashing liquid corresponding to laundry detergent, both liquid and more easily dissolved.

The dishwashing gel corresponds to the laundry gel, easy to use, fixed dosage, multi-effects in one. And dishwashing block, it is understood as a solid dishwashing beads in individual packaging, selling point is also multi-effects in one

2, enhance the cleaning effect class – rinse agent (also called crystal shine agent)

The effect is to enhance the drying effect of tableware and to make glassware more transparent. The effect of enhancing the drying effect and reducing water stains is especially noticeable for plastic dishes. Recommended for use when using dishwashing powder alone.

3、Protect the machine class – dishwasher special salt (also called water softening salt)

If the hardness of the water in your region exceeds 250-300ppm, you need to add water softening salt to the dishwasher.

The effect is to soften the water, the effect has two: one is to reduce the washed dishes due to limescale leaving a white residue (white residue may also be dishwashing powder put more ……). If you encounter such a situation, use a bottle of dishwasher body cleaner can be solved

The second is to protect the dishwasher (hard water conditions, water appliances tend to affect the service life due to limescale). And if the home has a central water softening system, then your home dishwasher can be used without adding dishwasher-specific salt.

In addition, because dishwasher-specific water softening salt is relatively inexpensive among several consumables, it is recommended to use water softening salt on a regular basis when it is difficult to accurately quantify the water softening effect of all-in-one dishwashing blocks, dishwashing gel beads and other types of products.

4、Body cleaning class – body cleaner

The grease and garbage on the dishes are washed off, but more or less remain in the dishwasher filter, on the inner wall, and in the internal drainage pipe

It is easy to have odor over time, but also easy to breed bacteria and create secondary pollution. Just like washing machines need high temperature self-cleaning program or washing machine tank cleaning products, dishwashers also have a special body cleaner. It is recommended to use the cleaning once a month (the impression is also marked 3 months).

Placement method and location

Of the above 4 types of dishwasher supplies, the body cleaner can be inserted directly into the lower dishwasher basket anywhere upside down. 65°C or higher water temperature cleaning procedures will melt the wax seal on the cleaner bottle.


The water softener salt has a dedicated salt bin.


Dishwashing powders, liquids, blocks, bead types and rinsing agents also have their own drop tanks (slightly different for each brand of dishwasher, but the logo is common worldwide).


If your home dishwasher (most are under 6 sets of benchtop dishwashers) does not have a water softening salt compartment, dishwashing powder, and rinse agent drop tank. Then dishwashing salts of pure efficacy are not suitable. It is recommended to use all-in-one dishwashing block, liquid and gel bead products. In the premise of ensuring the basic cleaning effect, the maximum realization of the function of water softening and rinsing.

Therefore, there is a value in all-in-one dishwasher cleaning consumables.

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