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Guangzhou Cosoonchem Technology Development Co., Ltd. is a sales service provider mainly providing small packaging chemicals and new chemical materials, the purpose is to become a bridge between production and management enterprises and product experience customers, to realize the rapid promotion and sales of enterprise products.The company is committed to choosing the latest and most suitable raw materials for developers and reducing research and development costs.Provide convenient small packaging chemicals for B and C enterprises to achieve refined production, reduce procurement costs, and solve the contradiction between enterprises’ demand of small products and suppliers who only provide bulk commodities.


Cosoonchem Technology is initiated by people who have been working in the chemical field for many years, including the president of the company with more than 20 years of experience in chemical product sales, once served as the technical manager and quality management expert of domestic and foreign enterprises, and the founder of enterprises who are still engaged in production.Cosoonchem Technology is committed to using the Internet platform to promote and offline chemical industry promotion and sales combined mode, adopt the technical guidance and application first way for the enterprise product promotion and customer trial sales channel, and maintain the product source, characteristics and other information open and transparent.

Cosoonchem Technology not only has a perfect network promotion platform and online promotion experience, but also has a wide range of human resources in different chemical fields offline.At the same time, in order to meet the packaging requirements of small packaging chemicals, the company has high-quality packaging personnel and storage base, and according to the classification of chemicals, and professional companies to achieve the packaging work cooperation, can perfectly solve the raw material suppliers’ sample storage, packaging and management solutions,

Practice long far, forge ahead.

Cosoonchem team will always do not forget the original passion to provide customers with perfect service, to create continuous value.

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