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Disinfectant applications and market size analysis


China’s disinfectant industry is growing rapidly and its market size is expanding due to policy and the new coronavirus pneumonia outbreak. In terms of application areas, disinfectants are mainly used in agriculture, medical, industrial, animal husbandry and public facilities. The agricultural sector accounts for 24%, medical sector accounts for 21%, industrial sector accounts for 18%, animal husbandry accounts for 13%, public facilities accounts for 15% and others accounts for 9% Translated with www.DeepL.com/Translator (free version)

Application structure of disinfectant in China as a percentage

In recent years, China’s disinfectant market size is growing, 2019 by the chemical industry downward impact, the market size growth rate has slowed down. 2020 by the new coronavirus pneumonia epidemic, the disinfectant output value growth rate to enhance significantly, 2022 China’s disinfectant market size has exceeded 15 billion yuan.

China Disinfectant Market Size and Growth Rate, 2018-2022
China Disinfectant Market Size and Growth Rate, 2018-2022

As the public’s awareness of “disinfection and sterilization” increases, coupled with the increase in the field of disinfectant applications. In the future, the demand for disinfectants in households will continue to rise, and disinfectants are expected to become a necessity in the home, with a wide scope for industry development.

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