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Ltd. will participate in the “Head to Head” – The 4th Amino Acid Shampoo Formula Competition Online Seminar

In recent years, amino acid table live with excellent foaming ability and mild cleaning strength, continue to take the wash industry by storm.

Compared with traditional anionic surfactants, amino acid surfactants have moderate foam and are more suitable for wash and care products, and their good sense of use is loved by consumers.

According to the survey, the consumption data of amino acid shampoo products is increasing year by year. For this reason, “amino acids” can be said to lead the 3.0 era of the shampoo industry.

An excellent detergent product, naturally, without a good formula, through the domestic amino acid table live industry through unremitting efforts, has made great progress, but the overall development trend is still in the budding stage, the framework system is incomplete, the lack of uniform standards is the focus of the current difficulties of amino acid detergent.

Based on this background, our company will participate in the 4th Amino Acid Shampoo Formulation Competition and the “Head to Head” —— 4th Amino Acid Shampoo Formulation Competition Online Seminar” on July 6. We will link 15W chemists through the online platform to gather the new development, new technology and new opportunities of amino acid shampoo in 2022 from different perspectives such as scalp care, innovative ingredients, technology direction and formulation design solutions. Translated with www.DeepL.com/Translator (free version)

The 4th Amino Acid Shampoo Formulation Competition Online Seminar
The 4th Amino Acid Shampoo Formulation Competition Online Seminar



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