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o-Hydroxybenzamide-Product synthesis technology

【1】Product name and introduction

Structural formula.

1661782226 20220829005
Chinese Name

o-Hydroxybenzamide; Salicylic acid amide; 2-Hydroxybenzylamine; Salicylamide;

Salicylamide; Salicylamide; o-Hydroxybenzamide;

Hydroxybenzamide; Hydrochlorothiazides; 2-Hydroxybenzamide

English Name




Molecular Formula C7H7NO2 Appearance White powder
Molecular weight 137.05 Purity(%) 99.70
CAS No. 65-45-2 RTECS VN6475000
CB Number CB4854078 Customs Code 29214300

【2】Product usage

Intermediates for organic synthesis.
This product is an antipyretic and analgesic, also used to make o-ethoxybenzamide (i.e. painkiller) and other drugs;
Raw materials for the synthesis of many important derivatives (e.g. snail killer nitroaniline, analgesic and antipyretic, etc.).
Widely used in pharmaceuticals, spices, dyestuffs, rubber additives.

Synthesis Introduction

The synthesis process adopts kettle intermittent production, and the catalyst is self-developed and produced.
The products produced by this synthetic process have been replacing imported products in the downstream industry for one year, and the downstream products are stable and have greatly reduced the production cost of enterprises.


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