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Environmental pollution control


DIY Laundry Essence

Product Alias: DIY Laundry Detergent Concentrate60g / piece;200Kg / barrel;1,000 K g / barrel Contact Us buy product Video Product features Applies to drinking water ...
1658673851 200g

Cutting fluid wastewater emulsion breaker JMX-36

It is a polymer that can separate and settle emulsified oil and colloid flocculation in water; it can also adsorb electric charge in water. Specification:200g/500g/5kg/25kg ...

84 disinfectant

Data from qualified third-party testing structure using 84 disinfectant test results, under the test conditions for three minutes, effectively kill 99.999% of E. coli, Staphylococcus ...

TOC COD remover

Does not contain any shielding agent, interference agent Removal rate: 50-80% Determination by combustion method “HJ501 -2009 Contact Us Purchase Typical features The product uses ...

Air deodorizer

Air deodorizer / odor / formaldehyde / VOC gas remover concentrate Quick response to deodorization, from the spray to the effect of about 2-3 minutes ...

Weak acid hypochlorite disinfectant solution

Available in 100PPm, 200PPm and 1000PPm concentrations Weak acid hypochlorite disinfectant solution Colorless and transparent liquid Weak acid hypochlorous acid 300ML / 500g / 5kg ...
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