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Eco-friendly acid anionic fixing agent

Product name:Eco-friendly acid anionic fixing agent
Chemical composition: anionic (sulfonate) acid fixing agent
Suitable for nylon (nylon) fabric for acid dye or metal complex dye.

Submerization properties

inspecting item

qualitative index

Appearance (25℃)

Brown black liquid


anionic / nonionc

sugar degree (%)


Viscosity (25℃, CPS)


PH Value (1% aqueous solution)



soluble in water

Bisphenol, phenol

not have

Features and Applications

  • This product is nylon (nylon) with anionic dye (acid dye) dyed fiber color fixing agent, after the treatment of dyeing, its washing fastness, sweat stain fastness has been greatly improved;
    Products have a good promotion power;
    Good to chemical chemical operation;
    Biological based color fixing agent, renewable, without bisphenol, phenol, formaldehyde, environmentally friendly, in line with the environmental requirements;

Applied range

Suitable for nylon (nylon) fabric for acid dye or metal complex dye

Usage and dosage

  • high concentration products can be used 2-3 times thin, stir before use
  • used for acid dye or metal complex dye after dyeing the solid color treatment

Light color system: 3-4% o.w.f
Medium color system: 4-5% o.w.f
Dark color color: 5-6% o.w.f
Bath ratio: 1:10~15
Temperature & time: 60 ℃ 20-30min (temperature and time can be adjusted according to
laboratory drawing conditions)
Please adjust the specific dosage through the sample.

Packaging, storage and transportation

  • Specification: 125 Kg / barrel 
  • Seal at room temperature for 6 months, after opening can not guarantee the timeliness, it is
    recommended to use it as soon as possible after opening, to prevent deterioration.
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