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Hydroxyl modified polyorganosiloxane-reactive anti-scratch and wear agent 02C

  • Hydroxyl modified polyorganosiloxane
  • Reactive anti-scratch and wear-resistant agent-02C
  • Polydimethylsiloxane
  • CAS No.:9016-00-6
  • Silicone surfactants for use in aqueous systems.
  • Enables a strong reduction in surface tension, resulting in excellent substrate wetting and leveling.

Typical features

  • Contains active hydroxyl groups (R-C-OH) at both ends, which can participate in cross-linking reactions with isocyanates to provide a permanent velvet smooth skin feel.
  • Excellent water solubility and dispersibility, can be added directly after or after dilution with water.
  • With fumed silica matting powder 1-1.5% easy to appear fluffy sense, flesh thick sense.
  • It can improve the cross-linking and hardness of the paint film, and enhance the scratch resistance and solvent wiping resistance of the paint film.
  • A rich and unique feel, with anti-stick and release effect.
  • Does not matte, does not cause shrinkage of the coating film, but has a lightening and brightening effect on the paint film.
  • Does not affect recoating.

Product Use

  • Water-based coatings, inks – anti-stick, slippery, hardening, scratch-resistant;
  • Leather, textile-slip, anti-adhesive;
  • Used as a synthetic modifier for aqueous polyurethane resins, generally added prior to the distillation of acetone solvent for resin synthesis, thereby increasing the permanent velvet smooth feel of the resin.
  • It can participate in cross-linking reaction with isocyanate, so it can be widely used in water-based two-component polyurethane leather coatings, wood coatings and hydroxyacrylic coating systems.
  • It can also be used as a one-component coating after adding additives, which can also provide excellent velvet feel and scratch and abrasion resistance.
  • It has been widely used in water-based wood coatings, water-based leather finishing agents, water-based paper varnish, water-based tactile coatings, water-based UV coatings, inks, etc.
  • Also suitable for solvent-based coatings and UV matte coatings, inks, etc.

Quality Indicators

Item Indicators
Appearance Off-white to translucent semi-fluid paste
Active ingredient(%) 70±2%
PH 6-7
Specific Gravity 0.97-1.0

How to use

  • Water-based wood varnish, paper varnish : 0.5%.
  • Leather coatings: 1-3%.
  • Other industrial coating inks: 0.5 – 0.8%.
  • It can be added directly, it is recommended to pre-dissolve and dilute with water 1:1 or soak the product with water in the system for 10-12 hours to dissolve before doing the addition.
  • It can also be added directly to systems with good compatibility.

Warm Tips

  • As silicone products migrate slowly in some water-based one-component systems, the feel comes out slower, so it is recommended to place at room temperature
  • Observe the effect after 5-7 days, or the effect will be brighter and better after the sample is baked for 3-4 hours at medium to low temperature 40-60°.
  • If you need the product to get a strong velvet feeling, you need to use with about 1-1.5% matting powder, the effect is better.

Storage conditions

  • Store airtight, at room temperature and avoid exposure to sunlight.
  • Avoid contact with strong acids, strong bases and strong oxidizing substances.
  • Effective storage period is 1 year, after the storage period, after testing qualified can still be used normally.

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