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Tricyclodecanedimethanol-Product synthesis technology transfer

【1】Product name and introduction

Structural formula.

Chinese Name 三环【,2,6】癸烷二甲醇
English Name Tricyclo[5 .2.1.0(2,6)]decanedimethanol Dimethylotricyclodecane
Molecular Formula C12H20O2
Molecular weight 196.29 Purity(%) 99.85
CAS 26896-48-0 EINECS 248-096-5

【2】Product usage

Tricyclodecanedimethanol is a new class of alicyclic diols with a ternary ring structure
1 It can be used in the synthesis of polymers such as polyacrylates, polyesters, epoxy resins and polyurethanes, and can impart good adhesion, high tensile strength, heat resistance, weather resistance and impact resistance to polymers.
2 Downstream can be used as UV-curable monomer.
3 High-performance optical resins.
4 Electronic packaging materials.
5 Light-curing materials for inkjet printing.
6 Products can also be used to synthesize materials for applications with high photosensitivity, high transparency, light resistance and dry etching resistance.

Synthesis Introduction

This synthesis process uses dicyclopentadiene as the synthetic raw material and is produced intermittently in kettle form.
The catalyst is self-developed and produced (reusable and has been completed >1000h).


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