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Can a shift in consumption structure lead to a shift in chemicals demand structure?

The industry is concerned about the 618 shopping festival just ended, because this year’s 618, is the first shopping festival after the epidemic, it is like a pointer, vaguely able to smell the changes and trends in China’s consumer market. For the chemical market, in the current global market consumer market downturn trend, the emergence of 618, whether to boost China’s consumer market, so as to reverse drive the chemical consumer market “warming”, is currently the chemical industry is very concerned about things.

According to the data of Aowei cloud network statistics show that this year 618, the major e-commerce companies did not announce the specific amount of water flow, and the second is to reflect the growth changes through other indicators. For example, Jingdong uses small and medium-sized merchants turnover indicators, and Tmall uses the number of brands with turnover over 100 million indicators.

From the published data, this year’s 618 compared to last year is a lot of growth, of course, last year because of the epidemic, the overall sales were dismal, 2023 appeared to be a high rate of growth after the epidemic, is also reasonable

From the sales of different types of home appliances in this year’s 618, the sales of small home appliances were dismal, while large home appliances had better sales. Among the small home appliances such as air fryers, rice cookers, sweeping robots, health kettles, electric steamers, etc., the sales growth rate year-on-year is small, while air fryers, health kettles sales growth rate is negative, sweeping robots and other sales growth rate of only 3%, slow growth.

Compared with small home appliances, large home appliances during this year’s 618 sales volume growth rate increased significantly, including air conditioning year-on-year growth rate of more than 90%, range hood sales year-on-year growth rate of more than 34%, refrigerator sales volume year-on-year growth rate of more than 31%. The year-on-year sales growth of large home appliances this year is significantly faster than the sales volume growth of small home appliances.

This year’s 618 sales volume of different types of home appliances showed significant differences, mainly because of the following reasons: first, the major e-commerce platforms in order to fight for 618 sales volume, in large home appliances in the input subsidies are huge, such as Pinduoduo in the TV, air conditioning, refrigerators and other digital home appliances issued over-subsidized, part of the branded products subsidies are more than 20%, the low-priced strategy this year, the impact of the unity of the major platforms strategy; second, new types of large home appliances, such as health-protecting air conditioners, refrigerators that can be cloud-networked, and intelligent large home appliances, drove the generation of new consumption; third, the recent torrential rains in the south and sweltering weather in the north led to a rapid rise in consumer demand for air conditioners and refrigerators.

According to the results of the current market analysis, this year’s 618 home appliance type of consumption structure change, on the one hand, the current hot weather and consumption policy brought about by the change, on the other hand is the product upgrade brought about by the slight change in consumption habits. However, it has not yet reflected the market for large home appliances in the long-term consumption trend, nor can it reflect the change in consumption habits for large home appliances, after all, home appliances are diverse, and need to meet the needs of different life scenarios for different types of home appliances. But from another dimension, if small appliances can also realize the development trend of health, safety, green and networking features, it is expected to bring a new round of consumer upgrading.

The chemical materials used for large appliances and small appliances differ from each other due to their application environments, size and functions.

First, there are differences in the chemical materials used in the shell. The shells of large home appliances are mostly ABS, HIPS, etc., and a small amount of new materials such as PP, PC, ASA, etc. are applied, of which ABS application accounts for the largest proportion, among which the shells of air conditioners, washing machines, etc. are mostly ABS. There are generally two kinds of shell materials for refrigerators, one of which is steel plate, and the other one is BS material. Steel plate is a common metal material, it has high strength, high hardness, not easy to deformation, etc., and the appearance of beautiful, durable.BS material is a polymer material, it has a lightweight, good toughness, impact resistance, etc., and a variety of colors.

Small appliances shell is mostly PC and ABS-based, but also choose steel plate, PP and so on. Such as air fryer shell is mostly ABS material, air deflector groove is mostly PPS material. Sweeping robot shell is mostly ABS material, internal seals, tires and other material applications there is also diversity.

Second, there are differences in the materials used for special internal components. Different large home appliances, their internal functions are different, the materials used also have greater differences. Air conditioning internal filter using more fiber materials, such as polypropylene fiber and polyester fiber and other materials, air outlet materials using flame retardant PP and flame retardant ABS materials, all modified plastics, the need to have a high degree of flame retardancy, etc.. Refrigerator internal panels mostly use PMMA acrylic materials, freezer extracts mostly use antibacterial modified HDPE and transparent modified PP materials, there are a few ABS modified materials. Washing machine interior mostly use PP, HIPS, ABS materials, etc., there are flame retardant modified materials, enhanced toughened modified materials, etc..

For small home appliances, the air deflector of the air fryer mostly uses PPS material, which requires high temperature resistance, dimensional stability and machinability. Rice cooker internal steel liner, the bottom of the wire connection materials are mostly used flame-retardant PP, flame-retardant ABS and other flame-retardant materials. Sweeping robot internal dust box mostly use HDPE injection molding materials, tires for natural rubber, styrene-butadiene rubber tires are mainly, with resistance and easy processing performance, etc..

Third, with the emergence of new appliances, the application of electronic materials in home appliances is rapidly increasing. Such as “five constant” air conditioning, sterilization and deodorization of fresh air systems, washing machines and refrigerators that can be connected to the Internet, etc., these “smart” home appliances, a large number of electronic materials, such as large-area touch panels and screens, and the Internet system requires new material products, and so on. These “smart” appliances use a lot of electronic materials, such as large-area touch panels and screens, and new materials for Internet systems.

These new appliances are likely to be the main trend of upgrading home appliance products in China, and will also drive the trend of home appliance design and production. Under such a trend, a large number of electronic material products are expected to be used in home appliances, such as LCP, wet electronic chemicals, carbon fiber and composite materials, network hardware materials, PVA, PI, PET, PTFE, PVDF, etc.

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