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Concentrated washing products

1、Why can concentrated laundry detergent be concentrated and what are its advantages?

(1) The main reason why concentrated laundry detergent can be concentrated is that it reduces the content of filler, i.e. water, and increases the content of active ingredients: surfactants, polymers or enzymes significantly, usually by two to three times, to achieve concentration in this way.

(2) Advantage: Compared with ordinary laundry detergent, concentrated laundry detergent has at least 3-4 times higher active substance content, which greatly enhances the cleaning ability of concentrated laundry detergent. (Total active matter is the mass percentage of all surfactants in a detergent that show detergency in the product, which is an important indicator of detergency and product classification of detergents.) Translated with www.DeepL.com/Translator (free version)

Secondly, concentrated laundry detergents are more often chosen from green ingredients, green and natural surfactants, which also means that our concentrated products are more natural, green and environmentally friendly, which is conducive to reducing carbon emissions and protecting the environment.

Concentrated laundry detergent

2. What is the significance of the enrichment process to society? The meaning for consumers?

Concentrated products, which are friendly to consumers and society as a whole, are conducive to achieving green development. At the same time, enrichment is also one of the important measures to respond to the green and low-carbon development of the laundry industry, which is mainly reflected in several aspects.

(1) Reduce the use of packaging materials, which helps to save energy and reduce emissions: the volume and mass of concentrated products are reduced, which greatly reduces the use of packaging materials and saves the location of product inventory storage, etc.

(2) More water and electricity saving in the use link: In the use link of consumers, they only need to use 1/3 of the amount in the past to achieve the expected washing effect, more water and electricity saving in the use link.

(3) Reduced cost of use, more cost-effective for consumers: According to calculations, after using concentrated detergent, the cost of use can be reduced by about 20% compared to the past, which means that consumers choose to use concentrated products, which is actually more cost-effective.

3、Is laundry gel a concentrated product?

Laundry Gel Beads

Laundry gel is a concentrated product. Currently, the laundry category of concentrated products on the market is divided into two main categories: concentrated laundry detergent and concentrated laundry beads. Concentrated laundry detergent, usually triple to quadruple concentrated. Concentrated laundry gel, if it is a big brand of laundry gel usually has more than four times the concentration, which means it is better to use and less water content inside. For example, this product is four to five times more concentrated and has 8 times more cleaning power. 1 (8g) can be used to clean 1 bucket of clothes (about 8-10 pieces of clothes), which saves a lot of money. Translated with www.DeepL.com/Translator (free version)

4、How to buy laundry gel products correctly?

(1) If consumers use concentrated laundry gel products for environmental protection and safety needs, safety is a special concern for consumers, which is also the most fundamental bottom line. Relevant departments in the market sampling found that the quality of the laundry gel beads vary, easy to leak liquid, the appearance of unstable problems, there are laundry gel beads solvent using cheaper ingredients, can not play a good cleaning effect, and even some bad businessmen will use toxic solvents, such as diethylene glycol type, for consumers, is dangerous. Translated with www.DeepL.com/Translator (free version)

Generally speaking companies with a sense of corporate responsibility will strictly use effective, green and natural ingredients for the configuration of the formula, which is more effective in cleaning.

(2) From the characteristics of laundry gel beads, because laundry gel beads products are wrapped with water-soluble film, it requires technical accumulation to achieve fast dissolution or complete dissolution. For example, some consumers use laundry gel beads for more convenient washing and will use the quick wash mode, but many brands of laundry gel products are not suitable for quick wash, which will lead to incomplete dissolution and incomplete rinsing.

5、The correct use of new washing products such as laundry gel beads?

(1) Whether it is a drum washing machine or a wave washing machine, we recommend throwing the curd into the washing machine first, and then putting the clothes on to hold the curd down. Finally, start the washing machine. If you put the clothes in first, then put the laundry gel into the washing machine, it may cause the gel to be transferred to the sealed slot next to the drum washing machine door, which leads to the film of the laundry gel not being completely dissolved and affects the experience of using it.

(2) Whether it is suitable for the use of water-saving mode: At present, we recommend that consumers choose products that support water-saving mode and at the same time can ensure that it dissolves completely and there is no residue of the membrane.

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