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How to use laundry gel beads

The laundry gel can be used by grabbing one directly with clean hands and throwing it into the washing machine, and then selecting the appropriate laundry mode to start washing clothes. The laundry gel has multiple washing effects and is much better than laundry detergent, which makes it popular among people.

Laundry Gel Beads

We usually add detergent to make clothes cleaner when washing clothes, commonly used is laundry detergent and laundry detergent, and recently the new laundry gel beads are very hot, many people are scrambling to buy, but in the use of confused, because too unfamiliar do not know how to use. So what is the correct way to use the laundry gel? The laundry gel beads are generally taken by hand without water and thrown into the washing machine.

The cleaning effect of laundry beads is excellent, which is why they are loved by many people as soon as they appear. When washing clothes, the number of clothes is about eight to ten, then use a laundry gel beads into the washing machine, and then choose the corresponding laundry mode can be. But it is important to note that when you take the laundry gel beads to ensure that your hands are free of water, otherwise it is easy to dissolve the outer film of the laundry gel beads, because in order to make the laundry gel beads can be dissolved in water, the outer film is made of water-soluble material, which dissolves when it meets water.

Now there are a variety of laundry gel beads on the market, so we still need to choose a product with guaranteed quality when shopping.

Laundry gel is a cleaning agent designed specifically for washing machines, do not look at its small one, but its internal but concentrated cleaning ingredients, disinfection ingredients and softening ingredients, is a multifunctional washing agent, it not only cleaning effect than laundry detergent, but also has a very delicate appearance, high value, which is also the reason for its popularity.

In the course of daily use, we should pay attention to avoid mixing clothes that are prone to fading when washing together, because they can easily stain each other. And laundry gel beads are to be put directly into the washing machine, without tearing or cutting, and do not need to put into the washing box, do not remember the wrong oh.

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