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Industrial cleaning defoamer for foam defoaming method

As many industrial production, will use industrial cleaning defoamer, and industrial cleaning defoamer is mainly the composition of surfactants, so it is easy to lead to foam, foam on the one hand can play a good cleaning effect, but too much foam not only affects the effectiveness of cleaning, but also affect the production process, and cause more water, waste of raw materials. For industrial cleaning foam problem, Jiangsu Dayao Chemical Technology Editor for you to explain the silicone industrial cleaning defoaming methods:.
A, industrial cleaning why it is easy to encounter foam problems 1, industrial cleaning cleaning cleaning agents used, the main components are surfactants, due to the production of cleaning agents in the process of not adding defoamer, the use of a large number of foam problems. 2, the process of industrial cleaning, due to the impact of water flow, resulting in foam buildup. 3, due to the chemical stability of the cleaning agent foam, not easy to self-break The foam will affect the cleaning process, not timely processing, and even affect the production schedule. Second, silicone industrial cleaning defoamer professional foam removal industrial cleaning process is more difficult to avoid the problem of foam, a large number of foam, which will seriously affect the production schedule, affecting product quality, but also may damage parts and equipment. Want to quickly eliminate the industrial cleaning foam, you can add silicone industrial cleaning defoamer. The use of silicone industrial cleaning defoamer to defoam, is a simple operation, the effect of rapid defoaming method.

Industrial cleaning defoamer
Industrial cleaning defoamer

Silicone industrial cleaning defoamer developed for the industrial cleaning industry, mainly made of silicone, polyether and other components of the compound. Can quickly eliminate all kinds of stubborn foam caused by the surfactant in the industrial cleaning process. Has the following 3 advantages: 1, stable defoaming performance: silicone industrial cleaning defoamer chemical stability, can be sustained under a variety of conditions defoaming and foam inhibition, resistant to high temperatures, strong acids, strong alkalis and other harsh environments. 2, widely used: Nanhui silicone industrial cleaning defoamer can be used in ultrasonic cleaning, automatic assembly line cleaning machine, textile industry, industrial cleaning, metal cleaning, metal processing and other places. 3, simple to use: silicone industrial cleaning defoamer can be added directly to the cleaning agent, can also be added in the process of cleaning agent production. The use of very convenient and simple, defoaming fast, in addition to the foam effect is obvious. Industrial cleaning defoamer has a low surface tension, added to the foam can quickly reduce the strength of the bubble film, resulting in rapid rupture of the foam. Defoaming performance is stable, widely applicable, simple to use. Suitable for industrial cleaning in all walks of life.

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