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How can I tell how much laundry detergent to pour? Usually laundry detergent is labeled on the back with tips on how much to wash, and the cap has a special scale to measure it. It is best to follow the tips on the package for the amount (a few scoops/ml for X pieces of clothes) and a little less.

Laundry Tips
Laundry Tips

Of course, not the more the amount the better, the more foam the cleaner the wash. Excessive high concentration of detergent will not only damage the fabric, but also inadequate rinsing will also have residues on the surface of the clothing, which may cause skin problems. If you encounter collars, cuffs and other heavy stains, in order to get better results, you can try to use the appropriate amount of laundry detergent original solution applied, placed 10 minutes before normal washing.

Do I need to wash my underwear separately?

First of all, our underwear is not clean, because the degree of bacteria in the internal clothing itself can not be compared with the external wear clothes, according to microbiologists have found that an average of 0.1g of feces will remain on a pair of worn underwear, and the number of bacteria inside these feces is about 10 billion …… not to mention that it may also be stained with urine, sweat, sebum and so on, The average number of bacteria in the feces is about 10 billion. If there are people at home who suffer from inflammation of the private parts, mixed washing is more likely to cause the spread of fungus, and if there are susceptible people at home, mixed washing may lead to increased inflammation or cross-infection, and even cause thrush in children.

So in the cleaning of course to wash separately will be safer, but also to effectively reduce the spread of bacteria channels, after all, a high degree of hygienic self-care of boys, who will not like it?

How to clean stubborn stains?

Chili oil, dragon fruit, blood stains such as these belong to the stubborn stains, rather than resort to a variety of magical detergents, effective and reliable practice is: timely washing! Once overnight, stains dry, normal laundry detergent will be difficult to play a role!

The correct way is to find stubborn stains on clothes, first soak them in cold water, apply some detergent with enzymes to the blood stains and leave them for a while. The protease in the detergent will break down some of the proteins in the blood to make the stain easier to remove, and then wash it normally afterwards. Remember not to use hot water to soak clothes with blood, because the proteins will denature under hot water conditions, coagulate inside the fibers, and easily bond with cotton and wool and other fibers, requiring longer soaking and rubbing.

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