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Laundry Gel Masterbatch LBC Series / Super Concentrated Laundry Detergent

Laundry Gel Chemical Structure: Compound of anionic and nonionic surfactants and solvents
Packing specification: 125kg/glue drum, 210kg/glue drum, 1000kg/drum.
Store in a cool, ventilated and dry place with a shelf life of two years.

Product Features

  • Plant source. APEO-free, easily biodegradable; mild, safe and non-irritating.
  • High active content, high cost performance; decontamination power in line with national standards, third-party authoritative testing.
  • Safety guarantee, does not contain ethylene glycol, diethylene glycol (diethylene glycol). Methanol and other toxic and harmful ingredients.
  • Good formula stability: high and low temperature resistance, color stability, direct mixing, easy to use.

Technical specifications

M: stands for added biological enzymes

Physical and chemical indicators LBC-4 LBC-6/6M LBC-8/8M LBC-10/10M Test Method
Appearance Transparent light yellow Transparent light yellow Transparent light yellow Transparent light yellow Visual inspection
Chroma Color (Hazen) <100 <100 <100 <100 GB/T 9104-2008
PH value (5% aqueous solution) 5.0-7.5 5.0~7.5 5.0-7.5 5.0~7.5 GB/T 6368
Active substance (%) >82 >85 >85 >87 GB/T 13173
Pour point °C <0 <0 <0 <0 GB/T 3535
ViscosityPa.s 200-500 200-500 200-500 200-500 GB/T 5561-1994
Performance Indicators 4 times stain removal power 6 times stain removal power 8 times stain removal power 10 times stain removal power Test Method
De-fouling power/JB01 (carbon black) >1.0 >1.0 >1.0 >1.0 QB/T 5658
Stain removal power/JB02 (protein) >1.0 >1.0 >1.0 >1.0 QB/T 5658
Stain removal power/JB03 (sebum) 3 >1.0 >1.0 >1.0 >1.0 QB/T 5658
Heat resistance At (40±2) °C for 24h, no change in appearance from before the test after recovery to room temperature
Cold resistance At (-5±2)°C, the appearance did not change after restoring to room temperature for 24h and before the test.
Dryness resistance At (55±2)°C, relative humidity (20±5)% for 24h, weight loss rate U5%
Moisture resistance At (25±2) °C and relative humidity (85±5) % for 24h, the weight gain rate is 15%.

Compounding of solvents

Laundry bead master batch LBC series products belong to the compound of natural nonionic and resist-ionic surfactants with solubilizers, which have very good emulsification, wetting and dispersion performance, and very good oil removal and decontamination effect, mainly for the laundry bead industry, and also suitable for the use of water-soluble film-type highly concentrated liquid bead-related products. Translated with www.DeepL.com/Translator (free version)

In addition: custom base materials can be formulated without alkyl benzene sulfonic acid or with higher plant content and lower carbon emissions such as MES, APG, etc. upon request.

How to use

  • Laundry gel beads: direct mixing, adding fragrance according to demand, pigment, biological enzymes, shading agents and other functions can be added.
  • Other water-soluble beads: according to the demand for appropriate adjustment of viscosity, add flavor, pigment, biological enzymes and other functional additions can be.
  • It is recommended to use microcrystalline cellulose as a stabilizer when the recipe requires the addition of microencapsulated flavors, or not if not necessary.
  • When the recipe calls for the addition of protease, it is recommended that cellulase not be added at the same time (double chambers can add enzymes separately).
  • Note: [To ensure the stability of the formulation system of the base material, please do not add any surfactants or solvents when using, so as not to destroy!


  • Storage temperature: 20-50°C, stored in a cool, ventilated, dry place, shelf life of two years.
  • Non-hazardous, transported as general chemicals.
  • For more product application recommendations, contact your salesperson directly for advice.

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