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Rubber and plastic anti-adhesive

  • Rubber and plastic anti-adhesive agent through a specific process made of fatty acid soap lubricants, anti-adhesive agent. It is suitable for halogenated rubber and male-butadiene rubber.
  • Modified rubber resin synthesizes the post-section anti-adhesive demoulding.
  • The product has low dynamic surface tension and good substrate wetting effect.

Product Use

  • Rubber and plastic industry, mainly used as lubricant and demoulding agent for this vinyl resin, phenolic resin, amino resin.
  • It also functions as a vulcanizing active agent and softener in the rubber industry.
  • Used as a lubricant in the cosmetic industry to improve the smoothness of the surface.
  • Leather industry can be softener, improve the smoothness and water resistance of leather.
  • Leather industry can be softener, improve the smoothness and water resistance of leather.
  • Other industries, in various fields such as cement mortar and concrete (to improve flow).

Quality Indicators

Appearance White Emulsion
Solid content % 50±2
Viscosity(25℃) ≤1500mPa.s
PH 2 %Dispersant 8-11
Grain size ≤35

How to use

The amount used is usually 0.5-2% of the gum volume. The product is added at the mouth of the expander through the liquid pump, or sprayed into the granulation section and mixed directly with the rubber pellets. On-site use according to the anti-adhesive effect of open thinning.

Package specification

  • 200g/500g/5kg/25kg;
  • This product is not dangerous goods, it can be transported according to general cargo, and it is protected from sunlight, rain and high temperature;

Storage conditions

  • Products should be stored in airtight containers, avoid freezing and high temperature
  • Whenever possible, it should be used within ten months
  • The recommended normal storage temperature is 10-35℃

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