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Sodium di-2-ethylhexyl sulfosuccinate EUROWET-PG70

Chemical name:Sodium di-2-ethylhexyl sulfosuccinate
Sodium di-2-ethylhexyl sulfosuccinate
Chemical structure:


Features and Performance

High flash point analogue to SE75 in propylene glycol and water. Excellent wetting, rewetting and homogenizing agent. Also has good emulsification and dispersibility. Very low dynamic surface tension for rapid penetration into the interface. Used to reduce surface tension and increase absorbency and permeability. Also has partial antistatic and softening properties.

Surface tension

The surface tension of the liquid was determined using the platinum ring method (du Nouy ring method) in Euro-wet PG7O and Eurowet SE75 diluted with water and in electrolytes. It can be seen that the surface tension decreases rapidly with the increase of surfactant. With a sodium chloride content of 0.5% we measured an excellent salt resistance and a rapid decrease of surface tension.

Testing wetting properties by adsorption

To prove the wetting ability of surfactant solution, we conducted Draves test based on S08022 submersion method. The wetting performance of air from a piece of surfactant solution was excellent. Eurowet PG70 and Eurowet SE75 showed excellent wettability when used at low concentrations (starting at 0.15% w/w).

Foaming characteristics

For Eurowet PG70 and Eurowet SE75 solid solutions with 0.05% content, we investigated the foam formation and stability using a dynamic foam analyzer from K Heartss, Germany. This product is characterized by milder foam formation and poor foam stability.

Quality Standards

TypeAnionic surfactants
AppearanceColorless to light yellow liquid
Propylene glycol(%)6.0-10.0
Turbidity point(%)<20
Solid content(%)Min.70.0
Diisooctyl maleateMax.0.30

Technical parameters

PH Value6.0-8.0EOC-Method nr.3001
Active substance content(%)68.0-71.0EOC-Method nr.5002
Free sulfite(%)Max.0.5EOC-Method nr.7001

Product Use

Dairy Polymer Applications

As a high flash point form, it can be used as a basic or co-emulsifier in the polymerization of various emulsions and suspensions. It produces emulsions containing only a small amount of coagulum with small particle diameters and a narrow distribution range. As a late stage additive, it can reduce surface tension and improve flow and leveling properties.

Applications in other industries

It can be used as wetting agent and homogenizing agent in various industries, including ink, OPV, paint, adhesive, paper, petroleum, rubber, metal, plastic, agriculture, mining, cleaning agent synthesis, also can be additionally used as water removal agent, water-repellent resin dispersant and mold release agent. The only difference is that it has a higher flash point and is compatible with paint formulations and is used as an oil spill dispersant. Translated with www.DeepL.com/Translator (free version)


  • This product is not dangerous goods, and can be transported as general cargo.
  • Protected from exposure, rain and high temperature
  • Storage: 15℃ -30℃
  • Shelf life: 1 year Original sealed
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