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Water-based light-curing resin UV-32X50

  • Waterborne light-curing resins are mainly four-functional waterborne acrylic synthetic resins. The resin has high solid content, slightly hard overall, fast curing speed and good surface drying effect. It has good adhesion to plastic, wood and surface.
  • Non-polluting, low odor, low toxicity, non-combustible
  • It can be used with water, initiator, auxiliaries, etc. alone, or with water-based or oil-based monomers or resins according to performance requirements, and used with initiators, auxiliaries, etc.
  • Suitable for UV varnish, PET varnish, paint, ink, etc.

Typical features

  • Good adhesion to plastic, wood, etc.
  • Excellent alcohol resistance
  • Good water resistance
  • Good water solubility and dilutability
  • Good wetting of pigments
  • Sex, polishability
  • High hardness
  • Good compatibility with water

Product Use

  • Water-based UV ink, varnish
  • Water-based UV coatings, wood coatings, industrial coatings (metal coatings)

Quality Indicators

Solid Content % 98%
Brinell Viscosity at 25°C , cps (Brookfeld, LVT No.4, 64 RPM) 6000~9000mpa,S
pH value 8.0-9.0
Appearance Light yellow transparent liquid, no odor
Glass transition temperature Tg, °C 60
boiling 120℃
Flash Point 160℃
Density 1.15g/mm³

How to use

Water-based wood UV varnish
UV-32X50 55%
Initiator 1173 6%
triethanolamine 2%
demineralized water 35%
leveling agent 1%
wetting agent 0.3%
Defoamer 0.2%
Abrasion Resistant Wax 0.5%

Package specification

200g/500g/ 20kg

This product is not dangerous goods, and can be transported as general cargo.

Storage conditions

  • Products should be stored in airtight containers, avoid freezing and high temperature
  • Whenever possible, it should be used within ten months
  • The recommended normal storage temperature is 10-35℃

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