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Silicone wetting agent – modified polyether silane 3270

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  • Silicone surfactants for use in aqueous systems.

  • Enables a strong reduction in surface tension, resulting in excellent substrate wetting and leveling.

Typical features

  • Very strong wetting properties.
  • Improving wetting and anti-cratering of hard-to-coat substrates for waterborne coatings.
  • Improving the substrate wettability of printing inks.
  • Reduction of surface tension.

Product Use

  • Strong wettability, especially in aqueous UV coating systems, silicone wetting agent for aqueous coating inks.

Quality Indicators

Appearance Light yellow transparent liquid
Active substance content 100%
Viscosity @25℃ 30-60 cs
Surface tension 0.1% 20.5mN/m

How to use

  • Recommended addition for automotive coatings: 0.2-1.0%;
  • Recommended addition for wood paint: 0.2-1.0%;

Package specification

200g/500g/ 20kg

This product is not dangerous goods, and can be transported as general cargo.

Storage conditions

  • Products should be stored in airtight containers, avoid freezing and high temperature
  • Whenever possible, it should be used within ten months
  • The recommended normal storage temperature is 10-35℃
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