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Styrene-acrylic acid polymer LD-909

Application: Aqueous Varnish, Aqueous Ink

Typical features

  • Excellent pigment wetting and dispersing performance, can grind 35%-45% high color content color paste
  • Excellent transferability and printability
  • Excellent glossiness
  • Low solids and high viscosity

Quality Indicators

AppearanceTransparent flake granules
Non-Volatile Fraction wt%>99
Average molecular weight Mw12000
Acid value mgKOH/g235
Softening point ℃155
Tg, oC100

How to use

A: Suggested resin formulation

OrderRaw materials25%氨水配方Monoethanolamine formulation
3Ethanolamine 8.12
4Deionized water63.9463.28
5Diol monobutyl ether0.50.5
Viscosity, mPa.s18003200

B: Suggested Grinding Slurry Formulation

OrderRaw materialsCarbon Black FormulationAzo Red 57:1 formulation
128% LD-909Resin liquid3232
3Color Powder3540
4Deionized water3226
5DefoamerAdd as appropriateAdd as appropriate
6Zirconium Bead VisionAdd as appropriateAdd as appropriate
Viscosity, mPa.s< 500< 500

Package specification

  • Specification:200g / 500g / 5kg / 20kg
  • This product is not dangerous goods, and can be transported as general cargo.
  • Protected from exposure, rain and high temperature
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