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What’s a better foam booster ingredient for body wash?

You can add Shuangniu or SCI-80, which itself is a very foamy anionic surface activity, and with other surface activities can also improve the overall foam performance.

Foam booster: Nowadays, betaine is mainly used as a foam booster, which can improve the mildness of the product while improving the foam and bubble quality, and add a small amount of polymer and amino acid surfactants to improve the foam quality.

The most effective can try to replace the AES, the choice of EO number of small AES foaming is relatively good for a lot, are stimulation will be relatively high.

Adding some sodium hydroxysulfonate will make a big difference in foaming speed and foam volume.

How do you thicken a clear soap-based body wash?

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1. Polyacrylamide thickeners, Lubrizol’s sc-800, are specifically designed to thicken soap-based systems;

2. cab 35

The simplest in the ordinary AES system and then add soap on the line, through the micelle thickening, pay attention to the pH is not too low.

Many ways, the formula itself can be self-thickening by surface-activation, synergistically thickened with mea, CAB or the like, or adding polymers such as polyacrylamide-type thickeners will work.

What are the main instabilities of AES Clear Shower Gel?

High temperature and sunlight easily discolouration, the salt brought in by the gender table live easily lead to low-temperature transparency, low-temperature easily jelly.

Transparent systems are mainly prone to hazing, precipitation of flocs, sediment at the bottom, heat or light discolouration, large variations in consistency, and may not be pumpable in winter.

AES system of shower gel, instability is mainly: light, heat test will turn yellow, cold test easy to jelly, other aspects of stability is OK.

Factory-made shower gel, just filled for the first month or two, viscosity normal. After about two months it became much thinner and the microtest was normal. There is not much salt added to the formula. What could be the cause of this?

This is because the higher the temperature the thinner the body wash will be and the lower the temperature the thicker the body wash will be. It is possible that the chemicals in the body wash are not soluble in water just forming a suspension. If the chemicals are lighter than water (and most are) over time they will settle to the bottom, causing an uneven density. This is what will form.

Consider whether there is a temperature influence factor, if the temperature is high, the viscosity may be reduced, you can test to see if it is affected by salt, take a small amount of sample, add the right amount of salt, see if the salt can adjust the viscosity.

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