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What is the relationship between grease defoamer and surfactant?

Defoamer is a surfactant? Hey, this question is asked very technical content. In fact, many workers who first used defoamer will have thought about this question, since defoamer is a processing aid, so it is not a surfactant?


In fact, surfactants have many roles, and different HLB values have different roles. When the HLB value of a surfactant reaches 1-3, it has the function of defoaming, regardless of the fact that it is limited to a certain field but not all fields, so many people mistakenly think that surfactants are defoamers, but in fact, they are not, and they are different kinds of products.

Difference between defoamer and surfactant.

1. Different ways of defoaming each.

2. Defoamer can inhibit foam while surfactant cannot.

3. Defoamers are chemically stable while surfactants are just the opposite.

4. The main role of defoamer is to defoam, while the role of surfactant is more.

5. Surfactants have many side effects, while defoamers have no side effects except for a few special defoamers.

Characteristics of surfactants.

Characteristics of surfactants: There are many ways to classify surfactants and many roles, of which the seven roles are: wetting, micellization and solubilization, emulsification, foaming, suspension, disinfection and sterilization, and scale removal.

Characteristics of oil and grease defoamer.

Grease defoamer is composed of polysiloxane and polyether, emulsifier, dispersant and stabilizer. Grease defoamer as an excellent defoamer, remove the foam inhibition performance is outstanding, especially valuable in the lower concentration can maintain a good anti-foaming effect and other characteristics in one, and therefore widely used.

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