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Why does laundry gel stain when I use it?

Why does laundry gel stain when I use it? What is the mechanism of action of anti-streaking laundry detergent? Does it still work if the clothes are stained? And how to ensure the stability?


What is the mechanism of action of anti-coloring laundry detergent? Does it still work if the clothes are colored?

The principle of anti-string laundry tablets is: anti-string laundry tablets are an adsorbent material. Adsorbed laundry detergent, and then naturally released in the process of washing clothes, it acts on the washing machine with the impact of water flow natural rapid release, because it has the function of adsorption so in the washing machine while releasing laundry detergent and adsorption decolorization to the water, so that multiple pieces of clothing can not stain. Laundry tablets are short for nano super concentrated laundry tablets, which is a neutral synthetic detergent. The form of laundry tablets is relatively “special”, compared to the large bags of laundry detergent, laundry detergent, much lighter, its effective washing ingredients concentrated in a thin piece of laundry tablets. The tablets do not contain fluorescent whitening agents, phosphorus and other harmful ingredients, making them healthier and safer to use. Laundry tablets produce only a small amount of foam in the laundry process, which saves time and water in rinsing. Laundry tablets have the effect of protecting the color of the clothing, and will not cause color loss and color cascading during the washing process. They are not very useful for products that have been stained and can be removed with special decolorization products.

Anti-stringing laundry detergent has an anti-stringing agent added to it. It can quickly absorb the dye molecules that are free in the water and wrap them to prevent them from being re-absorbed on the laundry to form a color cascade. This allows you to mix different colors of laundry. It is possible to achieve this if the formula is done properly.

Why do laundry beads stain?

Laundry gel beads can stain because they have been left at home for too long and have undergone an oxidation reaction. The plastic film on the outside of the laundry gel beads has not completely melted away, and the blue laundry detergent inside sticks to the clothes together causing staining.

Normally, fabric cleaners do not stain clothes. Laundry gel will generally have a high pigment addition, giving the impression of a higher concentration. Therefore, do not use the laundry gel to choose the quick wash mode.

The concentration of condensation beads is very high, there is a possibility that during the melting process, the water flow is not sufficient, and the condensation stays too long on a certain garment with insufficient color fastness, causing color loss and thus dyeing the color of other products.

What causes discoloration after adding fragrance to laundry detergent?

Some of the molecules in the flavor chemical changes when exposed to light and change color; some components and fragrance medium between the physical, chemical reactions or compatibility incompatibility, such as the influence of acidity and saponification, hydrolysis, solubility changes, surface activity and other aspects of the incompatibility and lead to discoloration.

Laundry detergent with fragrance discoloration, to consider two aspects, one is the stability of the laundry detergent itself, whether it will change color; the second is whether the fragrance itself will change color; and finally consider whether there is a change in the composition of the two after they dissolve. If the laundry detergent has been set a good formula, add fragrance discoloration, it is recommended to replace the fragrance.

It may also be the active substance or flavor in the system, you can take out the flavor first, and then go to the stability, you can replace the different flavors to try.

Laundry detergent to adjust the pigment, the color will become lighter after a long time, there is a stable point of pigment?

The two ingredients in the mixture will inevitably make the pigment lose its color and the original brilliant color. This is the same reason that clothes will lose color after a long time of washing, with cationic color fixing agents to keep clothes from fading.

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