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Winter Skin Care Process

The dry winter season is upon us, and if you don’t take care of your skin, it will become rough and dull in minutes.

The wrong order of skin care not only does not make the skin condition better, but also causes waste.

Skin Care Process
Skin Care Process

Follow the skin care sequence below.

Let’s make your skin more moisturized and glowing!

Daytime Skin Care Routine

Cleanser-Toner-Eye Cream-Essence-Lotion-Face Cream-Sunscreen & Isolation

Step1:Cleanse your face

Cleansing milk/cream, pay attention to the dosage and use warm water as much as possible; wash away the aging keratin dirt.

It is easier to use the cleansing foam, directly pressed out of the foam, hygienic and much cleaner, but also more gentle, suitable for winter.

Step2: Toner

Toner is mainly used to relieve dryness and hydrate the skin, so it should be patted all over the face to ensure that it does not dry out. “It’s better to have more than one, but not less” is what toner is all about.

Toner, must be used in small quantities, normal 100 ml to 150 ml of toner used up to two months to use up to achieve the desired effect Oh, use cotton wool wipe effect is better! Are you using the right one?

Step3: Eye Cream

The eyes are the most revealing killer of a woman’s age, so you must take good care of them and give them the best protective barrier.


The most important and effective step in the skin care process is to make your whole set of skin care products work faster and absorb better, hydration, whitening, acne, anti-aging, serum you choose the right one?


It helps you lock in the nutrients from the water and serum you just used, so you never have to worry about dry skin again.

It penetrates the skin and improves the condition of the skin from the bottom of the skin, forming a protective film of brightening molecules on the skin for three-dimensional translucent skin. Don’t leave out your neck when applying!

Step6:Face Cream

Gives the skin the best protection against sand and pollution like a coat. Enhances skin clarity and gives a healthy white glow from the inside out. Use the day cream during the day and the night cream at night to give your skin 24-hour whitening care. It is not recommended to mix day and night creams, as day creams are more protective, while night creams focus more on repairing functions.

When using the cream, to avoid greasiness, you can apply a little bit first, and if your skin still feels dry, gradually increase the amount until it is suitable.

Step7: Isolation

Isolation is the last step in skin care, especially for those who love the Internet, it is the best product to prevent the skin from being oxidized! It protects the skin from medium and long wave UV rays and builds a solid defense barrier for the skin. It protects against medium and long-wave UV rays and builds a strong defense barrier for the skin. While isolating external pollution, it effectively corrects facial blemishes and imperfections.

Night Skin Care Routine

Makeup Remover – Cleanser – Mask – Toner – Eye Cream – Essence – Lotion – Cream

1 – Makeup removal

In fact, the step of removing makeup is not for everyone, if this day makeup or coated with sunscreen, then the step of removing makeup is definitely must be carried out, if only the morning smear a little face cream mushrooms, can not have to remove makeup again. And in the removal of makeup, to seriously remove makeup, otherwise the pores hide too much dirt, smothered a face acne, do not say they are sensitive acne skin, wake up, you are obviously lazy, is not unloaded clean makeup well.

In addition, here to tell you a simple selection criteria, oily skin to choose makeup remover, dry skin makeup remover oil, sensitive love acne to choose makeup remover milk / makeup remover cream, in short, all skin care products are to choose the right product according to their own skin state.

2 – Cleansing

After removing the makeup, you have to wash your face carefully again, so that you can effectively avoid the residue of makeup remover products on your face, the key points of washing your face is: more foam, massage with your ring finger in a circle, gently, keep smiling, and wash your face for three minutes. After carefully washing your face, you can obviously feel your face become much fresher and very comfortable.

3 – Toner

After washing your face, it’s time to shoot the water link, with toner to allow the subsequent skin care products to be absorbed well, but also to regulate the skin’s water and oil state effective link.

4 – Eye Cream

The main purpose of eye cream is to reduce old lines and prevent new ones. To apply eye cream, use your ring finger to dip it into the cream and gently massage and lift from the lower eyelid to the upper eyelid from the inside, or apply from the inside to the outside of the lower eyelid, the point is to be gentle! Lift!

5 – Essence

Any essence is very difficult to see results in the short term, with the phrase “silent” to describe the essence of the most appropriate, with a few times there is no obvious effect, stick with it suddenly one day you will find yourself whiter acne less skin thinning, ha ha.

6 — Mask

Usually, night is the skin’s “beauty prime time”, because at this time the skin cells are more active, blood circulation is faster, collagen synthesis capacity is stronger, more conducive to absorb the beauty ingredients in the mask. Imagine, in the skin at this peak moment to do beauty and mask, the skin can “big mouth” to absorb the nutrients in the mask, get twice the effect with half the effort. I often use the motherwort mask after the herb, in addition to hydration can also brighten the skin tone, motherwort deer antler ingredients inherited from the ancient Chinese beauty classics “Queen Zetian motherwort stay face Fang”, regulate blood, improve skin metabolism, promote cell renewal.

7 – Emulsion

When applying lotion, you should follow the order of where it is driest and apply it with the power of your fingers, neither with your palms nor with your fingertips. The skin feels most comfortable with the right amount of strength and elasticity in the fingers.

8 – Face Cream

The mushroom will use morning and night creams, morning day cream, the texture is more refreshing and not easy to oil, night cream, more nourishing and moisturizing.

If you think the order is too much trouble.

I’ll teach you two tricks to easily remember the skin care sequence!

❶ The lower the viscosity, the better to use first
The skin care products like sunscreen and concealer, the molecules of their ingredients are generally large, so the viscosity will be high. If you apply this kind of skin care products first, then the subsequent nourishing skin care products are not well absorbed, and the nutrients in them will be difficult to penetrate the skin.
❷The more water you have, the more you use it first.
The first use of lotion to the skin to do a good job of priming the pores in a soothing state, followed by creams, serums and other skin care products will be easier to penetrate into the skin.

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