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A detailed description of surfactants No. 2


The role of surfactants in various types of cosmetics

Nail Cosmeticsoo
Fragrance powderoo
Hair Conditioneroooo
Hair growth and nourishing agentsoo
Hair Rinseroooo

The main varieties, properties and uses of surfactants in cosmetics

NameMain PerformanceUse
SoapEmulsification, washing, foamingCreams, hair lotions, shampoos
SarcosinateEmulsification, washing, foamingShampoo, milk solution, toothpaste
Alkyl sulfatesEmulsification, washing, foamingShampoo, toothpaste
Sulfonated succinateWashing, foamingShampoo, bubble bath
Alkyl ether sulfateSolubilization, washing, foamingShampoo, bubble bath, toothpaste
Aminoethyl sulfonateEmulsification, washing, foamingShampoo, bubble bath
Fatty acyl polypeptide condensateEmulsification, washing, foamingShampoo, toothpaste
PhosphateEmulsification, antistaticShampoo
Anionic type
NameMain PerformanceUse
AmidoaminesEmulsification, sterilizationVarious cosmetics
Pyridine halideEmulsification, sterilizationVarious cosmetics
Quaternary ammonium saltHair conditioning, anti-static, antisepticHair care and shampoo products
ImidazolineEmulsification, sterilizationShampoo
Cationic type
NameMain PerformanceUse
Imidazoline derivativesEmulsifying, washing, softeningBaby Shampoo
BetaineEmulsifying, washing, softeningShampoo
Amino acidsEmulsifying, washing, softeningShampoo
Fatty amine oxideThickening, lubricating, emulsifying, softening, antistaticShampoo
Amphoteric ionic type
NameMain PerformanceUse
Polyol fatty acid estersEmulsified, softVarious cosmetics
Polymerized glycerol fatty acid estersEmulsified, softVarious cosmetics
Polyoxyethylene fatty alcohols, sterols and phenolsMoisturizing and softShampoo, Hair Milk
Polyoxyethylene polyol fatty acid estersEmulsification, solubilizationEmulsified perfumes, creams and honeys
Polyoxyethylene fatty acid estersSolubilization, emulsificationCreams & Nectars
Polyoxyethylene polyoxypropylene block polymerWetting, foaming, emulsifying, bathingCreams & Nectars
Polyoxyethylene alkylamineEmulsificationVarious cosmetics
Alkyl alcohol amidesEmulsification, solubilization, foam stabilizationShampoo and detergent products

Role of surfactants

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