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Diethylene glycol monobutyl ether(DB )

Butyldigol;Butyldiglycol、Butyldiicinol) 2-(2-Butoxyethoxy)ethanol

Chemical formula:C8H18O3
Molecular weight:162.26
CAS Login Number:112-34-5
EINECS login number:203-961-6

Product Applications

It is a common solvent, miscible with water in any proportion, soluble in alcohols, ketones, ethers, aromatic hydrocarbons, aliphatic hydrocarbons, halogenated hydrocarbons and many other organic solvents, with high dilution with petroleum hydrocarbons.

Has a high boiling point and a low evaporation rate.

  1. Generally used mainly as a solvent for cellulose, synthetic resins, paints, enamels, lipids and paint strippers.
  2. Pharmaceutical industry as a drug extractant.
  3. Plastic industry for resin plasticizers, plastic intermediates.
  4. Textile industry as a fiber lubricant.
  5. Dispersant for chemical fiber oiling agents.
  6. It can be used as pesticide dispersant, dry cleaning solvent, cutting oil solvent and organic synthesis intermediate.
  7. Auxiliary solvents for mineral oil emulsification, analytical reagents, etc.
  8. Also used in the machinery industry as a diluent for hydraulic brake fluids, high-speed cutting components, etc.

Quality Standards

AppearanceColorless liquid
Density(g/cm³)20℃0.951-0.956 g/cm³
Boiling point(℃)230.6
Flash Point:( ℃)77.8
Water solubleSoluble in water
Refractive index(ND)20℃1.430-1.434
Acid value(HAc%W)≤0.005


  • Storage temperature: 20-50°C, stored in a cool, ventilated, dry place, shelf life of two years.
  • Non-hazardous, transported as general chemicals.
  • For more product application recommendations, contact your salesperson directly for advice.
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