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DIY Essence Liquid Detergent

Liquid Detergent, Essence Liquid Detergent, Homemade Concentrated Liquid Detergent.
Fast decontamination, disinfection and sterilization, mild and does not hurt hands, does not fade, easy to dissolve, is a professional manufacturer in China.
60g/strip, 200Kg/drum, 1000Kg/drum


Product features

  • Suitable for drinking water sources in different regions;
  • The outer layer of the essence is made of a water-soluble film;
  • The DIY (homemade) Liquid liquid system is stable and non-separating;
  • Easy to operate, no need for professional equipment for producing liquid detergent, saving equipment investment;
  • We can provide liquid serums in various fragrances and colors according to customers’ needs;
  • liquid detergent bottles are reusable and very environmentally friendly, which can greatly reduce the amount of plastic used and reduce plastic pollution in the city;
  • Easy to package, can greatly save transportation costs;

How to use

Ratio: 1Kg (1L) water + 2 essences
(eight times dilution, viscosity 450-500, active substance content ≈ 11.5%, GB net washing power ≥ 1.0)
Can also be diluted six-fold (≈17% active ingredient content) or adjusted according to customer needs.
◆ Tighten the cap before shaking to avoid foam spillage;
◆ Shake until the film is completely dissolved, and continue to shake the liquid until it is uniform (time ≈ 2 minutes);
◆ Shake and leave still, foam is eliminated automatically;
◆ Use immediately after shaking does not affect the washing effect (foam is not affected);

Packaging, storage and transportation

  • 60g/strip
  • 200Kg/drum
  • 1000Kg/drum

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