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Fatty alcohol polyoxyethylene ether AEO-25

  • Fatty alcohol polyoxyethylene ether
  • 分子式:RO-(CH2CH20) n-H (R is a straight chain fatty alcohol,n=EONumber)
  • CAS No.: 9064-14-6

Typical features

  • Nonionic surfactants
  • Good emulsification, dispersibility, water solubility and detergency;

Product Use

  • Printing and dyeing industry as leveling agent, retarding agent;
  • It is a general industrial emulsifier, metal processing detergent, agricultural seed infiltration agent, and is widely used in civil detergent, chemical fiber oil, textile, leather industry, pesticide, electroplating, paper making and cosmetics industries.

Quality Indicators

Item Indicators Measured value
Appearance White flaky solid
Chromaticity Pt-Co (25% aqueous solution) ≤20 10
PH(1%Aqueous solution) 5.5~7.0 6.5
Moisture ≤2.0 0.24
Hydroxyl value 35.0-45.0 38.8
HLB 16.7
Turbidity point (℃) 1% in 5% Na2SO4 solution 92-96 94.1

How to use

  • Operators wear self-absorbing filtered dust masks, chemical safety glasses and protective gloves.
  • Skin staining: wash gently with plenty of soap and water
  • Into the eyes: rinse carefully with water for a few minutes, if wearing contact lenses and can be easily removed, after removal, continue to rinse.
  • Ingestion: If you feel sick, call a POISON CENTER or seek medical attention

Package specification

  • Specification:200g / 500g / 5kg / 20kg
  • This product is not dangerous goods, and can be transported as general cargo.

Storage conditions

  • Protected from exposure, rain and high temperature
  • Products should be stored in airtight containers, avoid freezing and high temperature
  • Whenever possible, it should be used within ten months
  • The recommended normal storage temperature is 10-35℃

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