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Waterborne solid acrylic resin 869

Can be used in place of BASF’s 671, Hanwha’s 1160, 909
1Kg/bag; 25Kg/bag

Product features

  • Very good gloss and wear resistance
  • Excellent compatibility, transferability, and printability
  • Very clear transparency
  • Can be dissolved up to 30% solids with

Product Use

Grinding of pigments, ink and varnish
Synthetic emulsion polymeric emulsifier
Used for dispersion of color paste, excellent wetting of pigments, gloss enhancement, support and re-solubility
Suitable for use with high molecular weight water-based acrylic solid resins

Quality Indicators

Appearance Transparent solid
Solid content % >99
Acid value(NV) 235
Molecular weight(MW) 12000
Vitrification temperature Tg, ℃ 102
Softening point(℃) 155
Total volatile organic compounds(wt%) 1.0
Density 1.16g/mm³

Packaging, storage and transportation

  • Specification: 1kg 25kg
  • This product is not dangerous goods, and can be transported as general cargo.
  • Protected from exposure, rain and high temperature
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