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TOC COD remover

  • Does not contain any shielding agent, interference agent
  • Removal rate: 50-80%
  • Determination by combustion method “HJ501 -2009

Typical features

The product uses nano-photocatalytic technology and micro-electrolysis technology to efficiently decompose and settle the organic matter in water to achieve rapid and effective reduction of TOC/COD. It is highly adaptable to changes in raw water temperature, PH value, turbidity, alkalinity and organic matter content, and has good effect on removing TOC/COD in water.
The product combines advanced oxidation, reaction sedimentation, adsorption and other treatment technologies, and contains high-valent iron ions that can quickly oxidize and decompose TOC/COD in the wastewater from the water body, especially for enterprises that cannot meet the standard discharge even after biochemical treatment, and is the preferred wastewater treatment agent for TOC/COD exceeding the standard.

Laboratory test methods

The product is corrosive, operators need to wear good protective gear to ensure operational safety
Before use, please conduct a small test experiment in the laboratory to confirm the use of the effect and dosage, according to the test results, and then determine the adjustment of the amount of pharmaceutical additive.
TCDQCJCP2021062703 1

How to use on site

The product is corrosive, operators need to wear good protective gear to ensure operational safety

Dosing amount: Under the general continuous wastewater treatment system, the wastewater should be dosed with 1000ppm/T. The specific dosing amount should be determined according to the TOC/COD content of the wastewater and through testing.

The best use of the product is to use it in the air flotation process, and to enhance the separation of the sediment in the subsequent process to achieve the best effect of TOC/COD removal.

Conditions of use: Applicable wastewater PH value range is 6.7-7.8, depending on the raw water quality, the effect is better after adding environmental test, if there is biochemical treatment process, it is required to be added after the biochemical reaction.

PH value addition environment

Addition at different pH values varies according to the form of raw water production
Wastewater treatment agent products are added to a wide range of environments, depending on the raw water quality of the experiment to obtain the best additive environment.
TCDQCJCP2021062704 1
Appearance Dark brown liquid
Content (%) 45
Density (g/cm3) 1.22
PH 2-3

Package specification

  • Specification: 200g / 500g / 20Kg blue plastic drum
  • There will be a small amount of precipitation after the product is stored for a long time, which needs to be stirred evenly before use and does not affect the use effect.
  • The product contains strong oxidant components, please do not mix with reducing agents.
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