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The same toiletries, why adults and infants are different

Hot market for baby products

Based on the differences between children’s skin and adults, baby products are more demanding and their focus is on safety and gentleness.

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Adult and baby toiletries

Modern young families attach great importance to babies and children, and the market for baby products is therefore growing rapidly. Global baby products have maintained a compound annual growth rate of 7% in the past five years. The maturity of domestic baby products is far less than the European and American markets, and the total volume of Chinese baby products is about 14.1 billion, accounting for 4.5% of the overall market share. With the policy adjustment to encourage the second child, China’s newborn babies will see a new growth, which can bring tens of billions of incremental consumption for the baby market, and baby daily chemical products will also usher in a new development opportunity. Based on the consideration of product safety and brand trust, supermarkets and hypermarkets are still the most mainstream channels for baby cosmetics, accounting for 36.6%, while online shopping channels have reached 18.1% and continue to grow.

Why use amino acid surfactants

Degreasing power, foaming and stable foam, mild and low irritation, easy to rinse over water, moisturizing and conditioning after washing.

Consumer Concerns

Respecting the characteristics of babies’ skin, the products are highly effective and safe.

How to achieve the requirements of baby products

From the formulation and raw materials from two perspectives, the use of different, formulation system and raw material selection has its own characteristics.

In addition to the standard requirements, domestic and foreign baby chemical companies have long carried out in-depth product research and specification, and constantly improve product quality to meet the higher requirements of consumers, there has been a leading domestic brand established a standard research center for baby products, expect to promote more standardized development of the baby product industry.

Formulation principles.

1. Minimize the variety of ingredients used in the formulation.

2. When choosing flavors, coloring agents, preservatives and surfactants, we should adhere to the principle of using less and not using them on an effective basis, and we should also pay attention to their possible adverse reactions.

3. Children’s product formulations should not use ingredients with effects such as whitening, spot removal, acne removal, hair removal, antiperspirant, deodorant, hair care, hair dyeing, perming, bodybuilding, breast beauty, etc.

4. Should be selected with a certain history of safe use of product raw materials, discourage the use of gene technology, nanotechnology and other preparations of raw materials.

5. should understand the source of raw materials used in the formulation, composition, impurities, physical and chemical properties, scope of application, safety dosage, precautions and other relevant information and available for inspection.


1. Declare that companies should research and evaluate the safety of children’s cosmetics to ensure the safety of product use.

2. Reporting companies should be based on the characteristics of children, the children’s cosmetics used in raw materials for safety risk assessment.

3. Should be combined with the way the product is used (such as whether to rinse after use), to strengthen the formulation of the use of fragrance, ethanol and other organic solvents, cationic surfactants and transdermal enhancers and other raw materials for children’s cosmetics safety risk assessment.

NO.1Baby’s shampoo and bath two-in-one products

For traditional epi-activated formulations, compounding technology can be used to reduce the irritation of the formulation, such as compounding sulfosuccinate epi-activated can effectively reduce the irritation of AES, and compounding amphoteric epi-activated in anionic epi-activated system significantly reduces the irritation of the product.

NO.2Baby Soap

Avoiding the traditional alkaline formulation of adult soaps, isothiamine or sulfosuccinate surfactant-based mild soaps and amino acid clear soaps are emerging.

NO.3 Baby Skin Cream

Simple and safe oils and fats, proven and mild emulsifiers, and simple O/W systems are used to avoid complex compounding and potency. There have been media concerns about the use of mineral oil ingredients for baby oil, so naturally sourced oils and emulsifiers are more popular with parents.

NO.4Baby powder

It serves to keep the skin dry and lubricated. Among them, asbestos residue in talcum powder has caused widespread concern, and mid- to high-end brands are starting to use naturally sourced corn starch as the main ingredient to improve safety.

XIANGMUPEITAO current baby products raw material selection
For surfactants

Mild alkyl glycosides, amphoteric epitopes (alkyl amphoteric sodium acetate, alkyl betaine) and amino acid epitopes with less degreasing power are more popular, especially alkyl glycosides, alkyl amphoteric sodium acetate and disodium diacetate have developed rapidly in recent years, and the technology is becoming more mature.

Product thickening

Traditional thickeners exist EO or free amide and other risks, and ester thickeners, polyglycerol ester thickeners will basically not need to consider the residues of risky substances, but also can contribute to the minimal quality of baby-type products, very advantageous, is the development of raw materials for baby products in the general direction.

Foaming properties

Glyceryl stearate GS-100 is 100% natural raw material source and has good compounding with various surfactants, with excellent synergistic viscosity increasing effect, good foaming and foam stabilization; meanwhile, it can increase foam volume and foam slip.


Infant products on the one hand require higher microbial control than adult products, on the other hand, the possible risk of irritation from preservatives cannot be ignored. For example, sorbetan octanoate SC-20, as a medium carbon chain ester, can be inserted into the phospholipid layer to destroy the cell membrane of microorganisms to achieve the effect of microbial inhibition, and will not be consumed, in the formulation with other ingredients, it can greatly reduce the amount of preservatives, but also can form a “preservative-free” system. Glycerol ether ethylhexyl glycerin, polyol raw materials in addition to providing antibacterial at the same time both moisturizing effect.

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