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Which chemicals market size will grow fastest in the future?

There are many new chemical projects in China in the future, among which the new scale in polymer materials is huge. The number of products in future proposed projects exceeds 85, of which the number of installations in proposed projects exceeds 1700.

What is this concept? In the future, China’s chemical industry will continue to usher in the peak of production, the scale of some chemical products is expected to double, and the investment in China’s chemical industry will continue to maintain a highly active trend.

From the future market size growth rate of major bulk chemicals in China, we can see which chemicals will have the fastest market growth rate in the future, and also, which chemicals will have the highest investment attention in the future.

Surfactants in cosmetic products
Which chemicals market size will grow fastest in the future?

The following conclusions were obtained based on the analysis.

1. In the next 5 years, China will change the gap of industrialized production of POE, in which the growth rate of POE market will show a high growth rate in the next 5 years, with an average annual compound growth rate of about 200%. POE, as the main representative of China’s new materials, its industrialization degree determines the level of high-end polyolefin products, and there are only 2 sets of pilot projects put into operation in China at present. Translated with www.DeepL.com/Translator (free version)

However, with the continuous progress of technology, there will be industrial production units for POE in China in the future, thus realizing the production of POE high polyolefin products. POE is representative of the development status of new materials in China, and is of great importance to the development of China’s polymer materials field.

2. The industry scale of biodegradable plastics will maintain high growth in the next 5 years. Among them, the average annual growth rate of polyglycolic acid in the next 5 years is around 132%, and the compound annual growth rate of PBAT is around 97%, ranking the third in this statistics. In addition, there are PBS, PLA and other products.

It can be said that among the close to 100 bulk chemicals in this statistics, the future scale growth rate of biodegradable plastic products occupies the 2nd to 4th place, which is with obvious growth status. The high growth rate in the field of biodegradable plastics largely reflects the transformation of China’s chemical industry pattern and the direction of industrial structure adjustment.

The proposed projects under construction for biodegradable plastics in the next 5 years are more likely to be new projects from the end of 2021 to mid-2022, and all of these projects, bet on the future growth of biodegradable plastics industry scale. However, with the increase of proposed projects under construction, there is a clear trend of oversupply in the industry scale, among which the probability of oversupply in the market of PBAT and PLA is higher. Translated with www.DeepL.com/Translator (free version)

3、Relying on the industry chain supporting the extension of degradable plastics, it is one of the products with faster scale growth rate in the next 5 years. Products with typical characteristics are: BDO, succinic acid, PDO, maleic anhydride, etc. These products, can rely on degradable plastics industry upward tracing, such as maleic anhydride to make BDO to PBAT, PBS, etc., in addition, succinic acid to PBAT and other products. Translated with www.DeepL.com/Translator (free version)

All of these products are built on the development of biodegradable plastic industry. Without the rapid growth of the biodegradable plastics market, the market size of these products would not have grown significantly.

4, polymer materials, new energy and related industries and other products, is the focus of China’s future bulk chemical investment and construction products. Representative products are: polyester chips, methyl ethyl carbonate, diethyl carbonate, dimethyl carbonate, NMP, EVA, ABS, polybutene-1, etc.

The high growth of the market scale of these products reflects two major trends in China’s chemical industry. First, the field of polymer materials and new materials is an important direction for the development of China’s chemical industry, and the industrial development of new materials has driven the linkage of the chemical industry chain from the relative end market. Second, the new energy industry is the biggest development trend in the next five years, including new energy batteries, new energy vehicles, etc. For example, products such as methyl ethyl carbonate, diethyl carbonate and NMP applied in lithium battery industry are all related products needed in the new energy industry.

New energy is the definite development trend of China in the future, and will certainly drive more chemical output, to help the rapid development of the new energy industry.

20220623 scaled
Comparison of the average annual growth rate of the scale of major chemicals in China in the next 5 years

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