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An analysis of how the biodiesel industry will develop?

A few months ago, the European Union (EU) launched the Biodiesel Supply Chain Compliance Certification, or ISCC EU, which refers to a certification process for ...

What are the epoxy resin curing agents used in the wind power industry?

In the wind power industry, epoxy resin is now widely used in wind turbine blade materials. Epoxy resin is a high-performance material with excellent mechanical ...
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What are the new materials and chemicals in the wind power industry?

Wind power is one of the most promising renewable energy sources in China. Wind power can be utilized sustainably and is low-carbon and clean, widely ...
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How to assess the logic of market value chain volatility through chemical price gaps?

Chemicals operate in an industrial chain mode, and the value chain transmission in the chemical industry chain is a key indicator for analyzing price fluctuations ...
面膜 facial mask

How can mask formulations improve the heat sensation caused by preservatives? What range of viscosity is generally appropriate to control for aqueous patch masks?

A mask recipe that feels hot on the face, the preservative used is phenoxyethanol, how to reduce the hot feeling without changing the preservative? Whether ...

What are the defoamers that can be used in machine washable dishwashing detergent formulations?

Experiments with the actual use of antifoam need to be separated, nowadays dishwashers are mostly washed by jetting, foam can make the pump less efficient ...

Which production process makes PVC more competitive in the market?

Different production processes are the key to determining the differentiated development of China’s chemical industry and the main driving force for chemical upgrading. Producers can ...

Fruit Acids, Salicylic Acids, Complex Acids, which is the right acid for you?

Damn acne acne marks, various spots, dull and yellow …… really affects our face value too much! There are a lot of sisters who have ...

What are the types of toothpaste? Is it reliable to rely on toothpaste for whitening?

Article 77 of the Regulations on the Supervision and Administration of Cosmetics states, “Toothpaste shall be administered with reference to the provisions of these Regulations ...
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