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What is the relationship between HLB value, solubility and temperature of surfactants

The HLB value of surfactants is related to their applications: surfactant molecules are amphiphilic molecules with both hydrophilic and lipophilic groups, and different types of …

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Antioxidant ingredients for cosmetics

Antioxidant is one of the most popular words used in many skincare advertisements nowadays, whether it is whitening class, moisturizing class, sunscreen class, wrinkle removal …

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Water-based defoamer dry goods interpretation

In industrial production, many harmful foams are often generated, which, if not treated in time, can cause capacity limitations, waste of raw materials, longer production …

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Why is there such a high level of interest in succinic acid?

Why is there so much attention on succinic acid? On the one hand, it is based on the development opportunities of the whole industry chain …

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How to effectively deal with the surface residue of metal working fluid

One of the main functions of metalworking fluids is to provide inter-process rust resistance to the part, which is accomplished through the rust-proof film left …

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Winter Skin Care Process

The dry winter season is upon us, and if you don’t take care of your skin, it will become rough and dull in minutes. The …

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Skin care cream tips to share!

Skin care creams are a class of emulsified products, which are stable mixtures of two immiscible phases (water phase and oil phase) that are dispersed …

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“Polybutene-1 (PB), the “plastic gold

Polybutylene is known as “plastic gold” in the industry. Commercial products of all-polybutene-1 are based on all-polybutylene content (98% to 99.5%) and high molecular weight …

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High-end titanium dioxide in the coating industry

Under the background of “rising demand for high-end automotive coatings” and “carbon neutral, energy saving and environmental protection”, water-based no-medium coating process is gradually adopted …

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