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Application of surfactants in textile dyeing

Textile fiber processing into a variety of textiles, in the process of its processing, need to use a variety of auxiliary chemicals, of which the ...
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What are the uses of surfactants in various types of detergents?

The detergent action of surfactants is the fundamental property for which surfactants have the greatest practical use. It is involved in the daily life of ...
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Commonly used thickeners in cosmetics

A cosmetic thickener is a substance that increases the viscosity or consistency of a cosmetic product, which can increase the viscosity of the material system, ...
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Understanding Surface Tension & Surfactants and HLB Values

Surface TensionTo understand surface tension requires an in-depth understanding of the concept of “phase”, which in physical chemistry simply means that a phase consists of ...
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Cocoyl Methyl Taurine Sodium Sulfonate Properties

Characteristics and Applications of Commonly Used Mild Surfactants In recent years, the number of people with sensitive skin has been increasing, and there is a ...
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Silicone defoamer applications

Silicone defoamer is a commonly used chemical substance in a wide range of applications. Its main role is to reduce or eliminate the formation of ...
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Compounding Properties of Cationic Surface Actives in Anionic Systems

There are many determinants of the effect of anion-cation surfactant compounding on surface activity, and there is a synergistic effect in the case of suitable ...
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Classification and properties of green surfactants

Surfactants are indispensable additives. Adding a certain amount of surfactant solvents to detergents can enhance their solubility and detergency, but due to their toxicity, they ...
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Ingredient efficacy is not the same as cosmetic efficacy

Matrix raw materials are the main raw materials constituting the cosmetic dosage form, accounting for a relatively large proportion of the cosmetic formulations, generally divided ...
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