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What chemicals can be produced from natural gas?

The development of a natural gas-based chemical industry chain is a reflection of China’s “unbundling” of its natural gas chemical policy on the one hand, …

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Laundry Tips

How can I tell how much laundry detergent to pour? Usually laundry detergent is labeled on the back with tips on how much to wash, …

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Performance and application of new fluorosilicone surfactants

Fluorinated surfactants have an irreplaceable role in many fields because of their unique properties of high surface activity, good heat resistance, strong chemical stability and …

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Inorganic antimicrobial agents in coatings

Antimicrobial coatings are an important development in the coatings industry today. Adding the right amount of antimicrobial agent to the coating formulation can play an …

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Application of surfactants in the pulp and paper industry

Surfactants can change (usually reduce) the interfacial tension between two phases, and are amphiphilic compounds composed of hydrophilic and lipophilic groups, with the lipophilic (hydrophobic) …

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The role and effectiveness of antifreeze

A, with antifreeze function water freezing point is 0 ° C, the freezing point of antifreeze can generally be lower than -25 ° C. In …

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Silicone “Empowering” amino acid shampoo series

Silicone oil is a widely used conditioning agent in shampoos. Polysiloxanes with different polymerization degrees and chain structures are structurally stable and have strong conditioning, …

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Emulsification of surfactants

The molecular structure of surfactants is amphoteric One end is a hydrophilic group and the other end is a hydrophobic group.1 Hydrophilic groups are often …

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Application of surfactants in pigment surface treatment

It is found that fatty amine type nonionic surfactants can play a good effect on the surface treatment of pigments, the reason why they can …

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