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DIY Laundry Essence

Product Alias: DIY Laundry Detergent Concentrate
60g / piece;200Kg / barrel;1,000 K g / barrel


Product features

  • Applies to drinking water sources in different regions;
  • The outer film of essence is a water-soluble film;
  • The DIY laundry liquid system is stable and not layered;
  • Easy to operate, do not need to produce laundry detergent professional equipment
  • Can provide a variety of fragrance and color laundry essence according to the customer’s
  • Laundry detergent bottle can be reused, can greatly reduce the use of plastic, reduce the
    plastic pollution in the city;
  • The packaging is simple, which can greatly save the transportation costs;

How to use

Ratio: 1Kg (1L) water + 2 strips of essence
(8 times dilution,viscosity 450-500, content >11%,GB clean washing force 1.0)
Or 6 times dilution(content>16.8%),
Can also be adjusted according to customer requirements.
◆ Please tighten the bottle cap before shaking to avoid foam overflow;
◆ After the film solves and shake the liquid until uniform (2 minutes);
◆ Stationary placement after shaking, the foam is automatically eliminated ;
◆ Use immediately after shaking does not affect the washing effect (foam does not affect);


  • 60g / piece
  • 200Kg / barrel
  • 1,000 K g / barrel
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