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Dipropylene Glycol butyl ether

Dipropylene glycol butyl ether; Dipropylene glycol n-butyl ether; Dipropylene glycol monobutyl ether; Isomer mixture; Dipropylene glycol butyl ether; 1-(2-Butoxy-1-methylChemicalbook ethoxy)-2-propanol; PROPAN-2-OL|||Dipropylene glycol monobutyl ether; 1-(2-Butoxy-1-methylethoxy)-2-propanol, for synthesis
Chemical formula:C10H22O3
Molecular weight:190.3
CAS Login Number:29911-28-2
EINECS login number:249-951-5
Specification: 25kg/barrel


Dipropylene glycol butyl ether (DPnB) is a colorless and transparent liquid with slight ether odor and bitter taste, soluble in water, with good binding power, good solubility and binding properties to coating resins, and is an excellent film-forming additive. Dipropylene glycol butyl ether as a film-forming additive commonly used in water-based coatings, its role is great. DPNB can improve the viscosity of waterborne coating system, especially multi-solvent system, thickener has no effect at all, DPNB with neutralizer can greatly improve the viscosity of coating, good storage, open thin spraying will not hang, flowering. DPNB can also improve the defoaming of water-based coatings, whether in production or construction, it is helpful to defoaming. Translated with www.DeepL.com/Translator (free version)

Coatings: It can be used as a coagulant for acrylic resin, styrene acrylic resin and polyvinyl acetate to give excellent properties to the paint film. It is one of the most effective film-forming additives for many water-based coatings.

Cleaning agents: Suitable for cleaning agents, especially for systems requiring very low volatility, such as wax removers and floor cleaners. It is a good coupling agent for grease and oil, and canbe used as a paint remover and animal fat remover.

Other applications: agricultural products, cosmetics, electronic inks, textiles.

ARCOSOLV ® DPNB has a mild odor, low water solubility and good binding power, and has good solubility to coating resins. It shows good binding properties to various resins. In addition it has excellent film forming properties.

Technical specifications

Appearance: Colorless liquid
Boiling point: 222 To 232 ℃
Water soluble: Dissolved in water
Density: 0.913 g/cm³
Flash Point: 87.5 ℃
Refractive index: 1.426

Inspection items

Testing items Method Testing standards Measured data
Appearance Visual inspection Colorless and transparent Colorless and transparent
Purity( GC/FID) GC/FID 99 99.7
Acid value (in HAC%W) GB/T14827-93 ≤0.01 0.0022
Moisture ( %W) GB/6283-2008 ≤0.1 0.025
Chromaticity ( Pt-Co)Hazen GB/T3143-82 ≤20 10


  • Storage temperature: 20-50°C, stored in a cool, ventilated, dry place, shelf life of two years.
  • Non-hazardous, transported as general chemicals.
  • For more product application recommendations, contact your salesperson directly for advice.
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