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ELEMINOL MON-7 surfactant

  • Dodecyl diphenyl ether disulfonic acid sodium salt and inorganic salt
  • Alkyl diphenyl oxide disulfonic acid sodium salt
  • CAS No.:119345-04-9
  • Manufacturer: Japan

Typical features

  • Good stability to light, heat and impact, still suitable for emulsion polymerization reaction at 80-120°C, still has surface activity
  • Strong stability to strong acids, strong bases and salt solutions
  • Large molecular weight, strong adsorption capacity and high efficiency in configuring emulsions.

Product Use

  • Emulsion polymerization: butyl rubber emulsion, polystyrene emulsion, polyvinyl acetate emulsion’, textile dyeing solution
  • Metal cleaning: immersion tank cleaning solution, steam cleaning, electrolyte cleaning solution
  • Petroleum industry: on natural oil acid emulsification, applied as emulsifier to isolate acidic sludge. Petroleum phase III mining, phenolic resin

Quality Indicators

Appearance(30℃)Yellow~yellow-brown liquidMeasured value
Active content wt %45-55
Evaporation residues %49.0-51.550.1
Sulfonic acid root %10.3-12.011.1
Na2SO4 content %≤1.200.58
Total inorganic salts %2.40-3.102.61
Density (20℃)1.16g/ml
Viscosity mPa.s(20℃)≈150
SolubilitySoluble in water

Package specification

  • Specification:200g / 500g / 200kg
  • This product is non-hazardous, keep it ventilated, protect it from sun and rain, and prevent high temperature.
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