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Special Alkanol Polyether APS-8

Product name: Special alkanol polyether APS-8
Chinese Name:Cationic Modified Surfactant ByluefMCA-90
Product properties: Nonionic surfactants
Problems related to the use of crude oil cleaners

Special Alkanol Polyether
Special Alkanol Polyether

Product features

  • Special alkanol polyether APS-8 is a highly biodegradable and environmentally friendly non-ionic surfactant as the biodegraded product does not contain APEO and NPEO and does not cause ecological hazards.
  • Special alkanol polyether APS-8 has excellent net washing performance, low foaming, and is suitable for industrial and residential cleaning agents.
  • Can be used as an oilfield cleaning agent.
  • Good resistance to high temperature washing ability, which can be well applied to the new process of washing and dyeing in the printing and dyeing industry.
  • Good wettability, good penetration properties.
  • It can effectively replace the corresponding types of NP, TX series, AEO series, etc., and can be effectively used in combination with other types of surfactants.

Quality Indicators

Appearance 25°C Light yellow liquid
color and luster ≤50
PH(1%Aqueous solution) 5.0-7.0
Active substance content >99
turbidity 58-62
Flash Point >99

Packaging, storage and transportation

  • Specification: 200Kg/drum 1000Kg/drum
  • This product is non-toxic, does not belong to dangerous chemicals, and can be handled in accordance with general chemical transportation regulations;
  • Store in a dry and ventilated place, avoid sun and rain.
  • A shelf life of one year for the product.

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